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Patents related to authentication

Authentication patent was filed in 2011 and the PCT national phase under (Europe, USA) are being initialized.

While obtaining an authentic copy has been addressed in our patent "reproduction", this patent proposes a more elaborate mechanism but does not present any implementation difficulties. Despite the level of security obtained, the use of the process by a person or entity is not complex and can easily be offered in a variety of uses.

Since the introduction of the electronic document, many information security solutions reproduce adapting them the safeties that had been established for paper documents. In fact conventional solutions strive to ensure the information when produced and transmitted. The process associated with our patent secures information when used.

In our process we define three players:

  • The emitter of information, the one who creates the document
  • The owner of the information, the one for whom the document was created.
  • The user of the information, one that will build on the information associated with the document to make decisions and / or grant rights.

To these three players, we associate a fourth one. The third party archiver of the emitter, which stores the original electronic document created. Let us recall that when electronic documents are distributed, the entity already exists without functionally acting as part of our process.

In our process, the owner of the information with the copy in his possession, which we call "Owner copy" is following a request from a user to create a special copy for him that we call "transmission copy". This copy is not a true copy and can also for reasons of confidentiality carry a different set of information from the one on the "Owner copy".

The "transmission copy " is defined such that it can only be activated by the recipient designated by the owner of the information and in the context of use defined by it.

The user who receives the "transmission copy" may then, if it is part of the users assigned to this copy, retrieve on its systems of information, information related to the documents transmitted synchronously or not in the specific framework that has been set by the owner. The latter has access to a complete record of the use of the copy produced.

The method thus implemented ensures:

  • For the user:
  • To download on their information system only genuine and not outdated information. To have the guarantee that the information loaded will be valid for the entire duration of use. To have the guarantee that the information was transmitted by the owner of the information, preserving him of any spoofing attempt.

  • For the owner of the information:
  • To have the guarantee that only the designated user can use the document transmitted wit no risk of diversion by a third party identity theft. To have the guarantee that the use of the document will be transmitted within the limits of use defined with no risk to see the user directly accesseing the owner data spaces. To have full traceability over the actual use of the documents submitted with the possibility at any time to revoke or extend the associated usage rights.

The method is suitable for paper or electronic documents. It can be activated from an electronic vault or via dedicated applications running in SAAS or mobility (Smartphone, Tablet).

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