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Our digital identity expertise

Digital identity:

The identity! Trade and transaction key.

In the digital world, the authenticity of the person arises whenever a right or a transaction must be associated with that identity.

The identity of the person is ensured by the transmission of a document, or rather any information allowing to demonstrate the existence of the individual. This information is generally guaranteed by one or more documents.

A bill of utilities (electricity, phones ..) guarantees the person address. In fact the transmission of a copy of invoice only serves to validate the "address / identity" association of a person at a given date. Other information: consumer price charged are not useful in this case. However a genuine certificate of residence dated 15 days does not guarantee that this address is still good at the time the transaction is carried out or in progress.

Traditionally spoofing is often linked to recovery or misappropriation of documents or copies of documents. Today it is impossible to be sure that the person in possession of documents relating to an identity is the right person (except to systematic DNA samples). In the digital world, this is even more complex, because there is no direct relation with the actual individual, only the avatar is present.

Thus in the digital world every transaction worsen the following concern:

  • One who sent me the information is it's real owner?

It is also possible to ask questions about the information itself:

  • Is it true, is it still valid, is not out of date?
  • The information I provide will it be treated only as I want? This information does not risk being exploited by an unintended third party?

We also provide answers to these questions.

If we focus on digital identity, digital world must provide the following warranty to the recipient of the information:

  • I must be sure that the information received comes really from its owner.

The identity before the digital world

The identity of an individual used to be guaranteed by the postman who handed a fold only to the person corresponding to a given identity: name / first name / address. Human relationship between the postman individuals has almost disappeared. The letter box is the official hardware avatar of the individual. It is in this box that any official letter is sent, including those that have a major legal significance such as letters by registered mail or official bailiffs notices.

A bailiff's notice or registered letter is considered received by the person as soon as it is inserted into the mailbox while there are no real guarantees: the mailbox might be emptied by unscrupulous third parties.

Digital identity in the digital world

This mailbox will be replaced eventually by an individual electronic vault. This will act as "mailbox" electronics where any document concerning the individual will be transmitted.

The "Electronic vault" has certain advantages over the classic "mailbox":

  • Access is more secure than a letter box
  • It can store the mail for years while the mailbox is almost emptied every day
  • A trace can identify all movements. So even if a very unlikely substitution of a letter in the vault occured, it is possible to identify this one related operations.

The "electronic vault" as it exists today does not respond to following issues:

  • The extraction of documents from my electronic vault for transmission to a third party does not guarantee my real identity to the recipient.
  • When sending a document from my electronic vault to a third party, there is no guarantee for me that this document is not operated by another unwanted third parties. There is no guarantee for me that this document is not used to spoof one way or another my identity.

The Sood solution for digital identity warranty.

The electronic vault is a serious track in the definition of identity in the digital world, provided they address the following points.

  • In our solution, the copy I retrieve my vault only allows the recipient to request a certified copy from the issuer of the original document. This Requette can be performed only by the recipient whom I have designated and under the conditions I have set. No non-designated third party will from this extraction get anything from the sender of the original document.
  • In our solution, only the document owner is able to perform such extractions to reach the original document.
  • The traceability of extractions from the vault as well as their use are managed through the vault. It may thus be possible to modify the rights associated with extraction already performed.

So our solution ensures that if it is possible to access the genuine information from a document forwarded is that this document was specifically created for me by the actual owner of the information. This document transmitted can not be produced by anyone other than the owner of the information.

Our process is obviously suited to integrated management from an electronic vault but can also be activated outside of a vault starting from owner documents (according to the terminology of our solution) in paper form or electronically.

Our solution should also be available soon on mobility (via Smartphone or tablet).

In order to understand our digital identity solution, and to assess its efficiency and ease of implementation, please contact us.

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