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SOOD Solutions

Sood was founded in 2003 by Paul Lahmi, Centrale Engineer.

Sood is your partner for the implementation of your business applications including document either for assistance benefit Mastery of work or assistance work of Master (AMOE, AMOA) in Application Maintenance (TMA ) for missions advice or for turnkey projects.

The scope of expertise Sood in this partnership framework regards various activities around the document: EDM, ECM, desktop publishing, CLOUD, TRUST DIGITAL, WORKFLOW, ARCHIVING, PAPERLESS. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In support or in addition to this expertise, Sood has a strong business R&D and owns several patents thus far regarding:

  • Securing the reproduction of documents
  • The authentication of the information exchanged and the guarantee of the identity of the interlocutors.
  • The text documents tattoo in hybrid mode (paper and electronic).

Relying on these technologies Sood has the ability to build innovative and relevant solutions in the context of an increased digital trust allowing:

  • Secure the diffusion of information within the company.
  • Guarantee the authenticity of any external information to be integrated into an information system.
  • Ensure non spoofing through the use of paper or electronic documents.
  • Automating the refreshing of external data integrated into an information system.
  • Ensure that information is consistent with the transaction to execute.
  • Prevent concurrent and / or inconsistent use of a same information by third parties not knowing each other or not interconnected.
  • Bring a true added value to the management of electronic vaults.
  • Integrating an electronic signature advisedly.
  • Guarantee everyone that personal information will only be used by third parties in the context set by the owner of the information.
  • Give real tracking over the actual use of personal data done by third parties with ability to interact on it.
  • Secure distribution of ebooks.
  • Develop augmented reality applications based on textual documents.

These technologies are today ready to be implemented.

We also work to ensure that these technologies are usable in mobility, that is to say, accessible via smartphone or tablet.

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