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Patents related to copy

The patent for reproduction was filed in 1995 before the creation of Sood and was incorporated. Before that he was the subject of a license concession for the company Xerox Corp as well as another US company of comparable size. Both companies have strong activity in the area of the document.

The patent originally filed in France has been extended under PCT to Europe (France, England, Germany), the USA and Japan.

This patent is a solution to illegal copies of all orders made via a reproduction system (copier mostly). This patent also provides a solution on getting authenticated copies. For this last point Sood filed a specific patent in 2011 to provide greater and more universal authentication.

This patent consists in adding graphic elements on the document that one wishes be secured. A first element called "Mark" has the unique feature to characterize the sensitivity of the document. A document in the context of our patent is a document that should not be reproduced without constraints: it is for example a confidential document, a document with copyright or document containing inherent values (eg banknote). This can also be an authenticated document where the original was stored on a dedicated server.

The second graphic element, called "rules", contains a number of information for managing reproduction of any requests.

The implementation of the process associated with our patent on copy system (eg photocopier) will facilitate proper management of copy requests regarding sensitive documents: prohibiting the unauthorized duplication, allowing certain copies under restrictive conditions possibly including traceability. Production of a certified copy, not by copying "photographic" presentation of the document but from the original stored corresponding to the real document.

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